“As with any team, it is the sum of the whole that leads to success.”

Building an elite team takes vision, insight and the ability to spot talented professionals who are as adept in the team dynamic as they are as standout performers on their own. As with any team, it is the sum of the whole that leads to success. This is a critical reality that can be difficult to replicate, whether it relates to a top-notch group of athletes or professionals in the competitive world of financial services.

At Oxford, our culture includes a laser focus on this unity of skill sets. Through our expertise in talent acquisition, we find associates with a well of technical resources, deep and unsurpassed knowledge in private equity and the ability to interface with other professionals to deliver a sophisticated suite of multigenerational estate planning services.

We consider the operational team at Oxford to be an integral ingredient in our “secret sauce”—a differentiator that balances the technical leadership skills needed to run the firm with the white glove assistance and service excellence expected by our clients and family offices.

We have placed the company’s culture as paramount with both the expertise and soft skills residing at the heart of Oxford—today and into the future. It’s a value so essential to our existence that we’ve codified our legacy by placing our voting shares into a Delaware Dynasty Trust that preserves the independent ownership of the firm indefinitely.