It was 25 years ago that Oxford’s founders observed a fundamental problem in the way trusts were administered. In a delegated trust—a typical trust model of the time—banks took a disproportionate role in the custody and management of the trust assets. This meant that the death of the matriarch or patriarch of a family would trigger a very complex and disruptive process that would upend things like existing advisor relationships, family continuity and other family office services.

In creating The Trust Company of Oxford, our founders had one goal—to put the interests of the families ahead of any institution or bureaucracy, creating a smooth and stress-free transition that would eliminate the complexity of dealing with competing interests.

Nearly a quarter century later, we have relieved this burden for hundreds of families. Through The Trust Company of Oxford, our associates—serving in various trustee roles—take the complexity and guesswork out of managing all types of trusts, including:

I.    Charitable Trusts, Foundations and Endowments
II.   Qualified Personal Residence Trusts
III.  Delaware, Nevada and South Dakota Dynasty Trusts
IV.   Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts
V.    Educational Trusts
VI.   Life Insurance Trusts
VII.  Special Needs Trusts
VIII. Marital Trusts
IX.   Testamentary Trusts
X.    Revocable Trusts

Through our Delaware trust structure, we can provide trust services that are geographically “agnostic”—removing the irregularities that result when trusts are chartered in multiple individual states. In essence, by wearing strategic trustee “hats,” we can take advantage of the most sophisticated laws, planning and creative solutions available to a client. In this regard, The Trust Company of Oxford provides the most efficient ways to ensure that your trust’s objectives are fulfilled and your generational wealth needs are never the source of stress or confusion.