Shifting financial conditions often reveal weak points in investor portfolios. Sadly, most advisors have tailored their client’s portfolios to the recent past—a world characterized by disinflationary growth. This Goldilocks environment for both stocks and bonds is historically rare and leaves investors overly concentrated to a benign set of market outcomes. A true fiduciary with a multigenerational focus considers other factors in the world and the potential portfolio impact of shifting financial seas such as rising inflation or falling growth.

It was thus that more than two decades ago, Oxford’s founders decided to embrace nontraditional investment approaches in the spirit of enhancing client outcomes. Today, Oxford has built one of the most robust alternative investment platforms in the wealth management industry, giving clients the ability to access unique and capacity-constrained strategies that are unavailable to do-it-yourself investors and not sufficiently scalable for mass-market financial advisors.

One such innovative investment solution is Oxford’s Diversifier Strategies. The Oxford Investment Team has curated a collection of niche strategies meant to enhance wealth compounding through stable risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation. Diversifier Strategies are designed to thrive in different market environments, creating a balanced all-weather portfolio. This intentional mix of alternative strategies is built with an eye toward particularly strong performance when market volatility is most challenging for traditional stock and bond portfolios.

Diversifiers serve the role of steady compounders while dampening overall portfolio risk through the ability to shine brightest in the roughest of environments. Assembling such a strategy requires extensive expertise in sourcing, manager due diligence and risk and portfolio management—all areas the Oxford Investment Team has become known for nationally.

In a year characterized by negative returns for nearly all mainstream investment approaches, our Diversifier Strategies played exceptional defense in client portfolios—a testament to Oxford’s truly differentiated approach.