There are few lessons that are more relevant to the enduring legacy of British aristocracy than the recent transition of the Crown in the wake of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. It was proof that with the appropriate amount of planning and preparation, even the largest and most complex transitions can be accomplished with ease.

At Oxford Financial Group, Ltd.™, we realize that next-level transitions require next-level planning. To that end, we developed TOFF.HD to deliver a bespoke-level, structured service encompassing the kind of dynamic approach needed in a world which is anything but static.

Specifically, TOFF.HD is aimed at disambiguating the challenging landscape of family trusts. Although many families turn to trust vehicles to protect generational financial legacies, TOFF.HD clients can have dozens of trusts, many of which are ancestral, dating back decades, perhaps drafted by a few different attorneys under various state laws thus creating inconsistencies.

Our role is to sift through the complexities of generational trusts. We examine each trust on a provision-by-provision basis, reviewing governance, dispositive provisions, powers of appointment and tax attributes. We then make granular recommendations to modernize the trusts in a way that creates order and structure both now and for the future with complete consistency.

Our focus of creating consistency and alignment of the entire suite of trusts with the family’s philosophy enhances the flexibility needed to more easily address changes in tax law, trust law, family situations and of course, the needs of future generations. Our TOFF.HD analysis also serves as a playbook for future generations to guide them with respect to their rights, powers of appointment, fiduciary roles and options to “do business” with the family trusts as they reach various milestones included within the documents.