We were moved recently when, during the eulogy for one of our dear clients, a surviving family member mentioned Oxford associates when recounting those who had an impact on helping to alleviate a source of stress in their time of grief. It was a reminder to all of us here at Oxford that when it comes to generational wealth, there is a lot more at stake than simply dollars and cents.

Bespoke Generational Solutions embraces the critical role of protecting the family’s generational resources by integrating planning both vertically in each family line and horizontally across broad family groups, enhancing efficiencies and expanding planning opportunities. We approach the complex and unique issues on the family’s balance sheet with a sensitivity and understanding that some issues can be deep, intimate and emotional, often involving family members in different phases of life.

Generational philanthropy is another cornerstone of Bespoke Generational Solutions. We work with families to design enduring charitable plans that bond and unite burgeoning future generations, while providing flexibility for each descendent to embrace their unique charitable passions. We contribute our technical expertise and shared passion for philanthropy with the best practices from decades of working with philanthropic families.

It is our role to consider both tangible and intangible factors, like threads of opportunity, and to weave them together into a fabric that can stand the test of time. Using bespoke plans and foresight, Bespoke Generational Solutions is focused on linking the present day hopes, dreams and aspirations of a matriarch or patriarch with the realities of generations to come. More than just serving as a protector of wealth, it is Oxford’s goal to enhance outcomes at every stage and through every lifecycle event.

We see our role as the focal point for the generational wealth universe, anchoring efforts that often include CPAs, attorneys, planners and other trusted advisors—to ensure both smooth collaboration and peace of mind on a perpetual basis.

We are honored to be an ally to generations of family clients at Oxford, and we strive to deliver a level of reassurance that will be as relevant tomorrow as it is today.