Though there may be a little bit more sunshine and Southern hospitality when you visit Oxford’s new offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and Palm Beach, Florida, little else will be different from the experience you’ve come to expect when you visit an Oxford office.

We’ve purposely kept the layout, design and experience the same in building out our new locations in Atlanta’s bustling Buckhead district and in the heart of Palm Beach. It’s yet another step in our evolution from a Midwest-centric powerhouse to a nationally-focused wealth management office.

Today’s Oxford enjoys relationships with clients in 35 states*—which means we are always looking strategically to where we should expand our physical presence to enhance the unique experience Oxford provides its clients, as well as the professionals that serve them.

Oxford has been working in Atlanta and Palm Beach regularly for a couple of decades, and business activity in these markets has consistently been both significant and robust. In particular, Atlanta is the business epicenter for the entire Southeast, with connectivity and influence in a region that includes seven states and boasts an international reach. Palm Beach also enjoys a concentration of business owners and legacy family wealth that has long been serviced by Oxford.

Additionally, in both Atlanta and Palm Beach, the talent pool is rich with the type of family-focused, top-credentialed individuals Oxford looks for when adding new associates. New additions, together with some familiar faces from our existing locales, will combine in these new brick-and-mortar offices to deliver the same consistent service and personal connection to the families and communities that call these regions home.

As has always been the case, we look forward to serving our clients across the country, whether in our office or in theirs. Regardless of location, we are proud that each and every family and institution we serve receives the same unparalleled Oxford Experience.

*As of 8.1.2022