Protection from the volatility of the markets isn’t just a concern for individual investors—it’s a reality that institutions must navigate as well.

Entities such as hospitals, not-for-profit organizations, foundations and endowments have a particular vulnerability when it comes to fiscal tumult. Without the proper protections against pitfalls, swings and risks, the financial fallout for these institutions can create challenges that extend to their ability to deliver critical support for their mission and services to their constituencies.

Through Oxford’s Institutional Consulting Services, we are able to deliver the same type of white-glove service and bespoke investment strategies that our individual clients enjoy. For our institutional clients, we use our expertise in the absolute return-oriented diversifier category and other channels to dampen volatility and protect capital, particularly in difficult market cycles.

Our Institutional Consulting Services Team fosters success for institutional clients by advising on reserve accounts, endowments, pension programs, 401(k) plans and other participant or committee-directed retirement programs. Our team offers similar counsel for plan sponsors, sharing in the fiduciary responsibility these sponsors accept over participant investment accounts.

This area of service started more than three decades ago as a response to demand from our business-oriented clientele. Today, Oxford has grown to be one of the largest plan sponsor advisors in the Midwest, with a reach spanning well beyond same.

We have continued to grow our expertise, most recently in the area of ESG investing. Our best practices approach helps ensure that the environmental, societal and governmental values of each investment program align with those of the institution. This customized approach allows us to optimize each client’s investment results relative to their own mission.

Oxford continues its commitment to the institutions we serve. Our thorough succession plan, with voting shares held in a Delaware Dynasty Trust, ensures that we will be here to support our institutional clients for years to come.